Vitamix 5200 Blender

My Vitamix 5200 Blender

One summer evening my wife and I were at the LA county fair wandering through the large buildings where vendors of all kind hawk their wares.  Cell phones, cookware, cutlery and hot tubs are some of the best represented product lines. We have bought things at the fair in the past and we stop in every year to see what is new or not so new.  In the past we have bought sewing machines, bedroom sets, mops and linen.  This year we just happened to be in need of a new blender. Vitamix had booths in several of the buildings and we watched demonstrations for making juice and soup but the clincher was when they made the fresh fruit ice cream.  My wife, who is a closet tool hoarder, decided she would like to have that blender.  Now I make no pretense I am a first rate tool hoarder.  Whether it be construction and home maintenance, auto repair, new computers for the business or the latest kitchen appliance or gadget I am down for it.  You can never have to many tools.

We bought the Vitamix© 5200 and we have had it for many years now.  We use it for juice making, waffle and pancake batters, smoothies, and purees.  My wife likes to use it to chop onions while I prefer a hand cranked food processor for that job. It has very strong blades, a heavy duty plastic container, and a very powerful motor that is hard to bog down. Ice cubes are no challenge but the frozen fruit that I use for the ice cream, gelato, and sorbet can bog things down if you don’t use the right approach.    I put the liquid and sugar in first and have the blades rotating at a fairly slow speed as I add the fruit slowly to the blender.  Vitamix even suggest letting the fruit partially thaw.

This last week I made two things in the blender.  A tomato basil bisque that is made partially in the blender and partially on the stove only because I like whole chunks of tomato in my bisque.  It could be made entirely in the blender if you want it all smooth and creamy.  The high speed setting on the blender will heat the soup to serving temperature in 7 to 10 minutes.  That recipe has been uploaded to this site. I will be uploading the recipe for the tropical fruit ice cream that I made using a frozen tropical fruit blend that I bought at the store.  I also have a bag of frozen mixed berries that I use for ice cream and smoothies.  They can also be used to make a very tasty topping or syrup to serve with pancakes, waffles, or vanilla ice cream.

All in all, the Vitamix has earned it’s keep and is a very well built and powerful unit. With it’s wide ranging variable speed setting and it’s blazing high speed setting it provides excellent results and extreme versatility .  While much of it’s dominance is due it’s heavy marketing strategy, it’s overall success comes down to it’s quality and performance. It is high on my kitchen favorites list.

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