Chef frog with valentines meal

Valentine’s Day

Valentines day falls one week after my wife’s birthday and 5 days before our anniversary.  Now I am not great with special occasions and throughout forty years of marriage I have only gotten worse. So when all three fall within a two week period I am lucky to get one right. This year The best laid plans alluded me again. The plan for Valentines day was to make a special dinner with flowers on the table. By the time I got around to the dinner shopping, the flowers were pretty much all gone. The ones that remained looked like they had been used to beat delinquent juveniles into submission. So dinner would be served unadorned.

The menu was to be Cajun shrimp with linguine, pressure cooked carrots, and frozen fluffy strawberry pie. The whole family loves the shrimp with linguine, and the while my wife is the biggest fan of the frozen strawberry pie, no one in the family turns their nose up. Cooked carrots on the other hand are not of much interest to me but my wife loves them and will eat just about any quantity I make. As reality set in time constraints made the strawberry pie a bridge too far and it was saved for a later date. My wife teaches computer applications to adults and is currently working on a bachelors degree online. So dinner was consumed quickly on her arrival from work and then it was time for her coursework. Romance will have to wait for another time.

I have included the recipes for Cajun Shrimp with linguine and for the frozen fluffy strawberry pie. The carrots were cooked with 1/2 a cup of water and a little salt in my Fagor Lux Multicooker on the high pressure setting for five minutes. The ones that she didn’t eat for dinner went to school with her the next day for lunch.

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