Aroma Rice Cooker

My Aroma© Rice Cooker Keeps It’s Place On the Counter

When I got my Fagor Lux© multi-cooker for Christmas this year I thought that it would largely replace my Aroma© rice cooker and that the two would not compete for counter space. It turns out that I often need to have both the rice cooker and the multi-cooker going at the same time. I did not consider how often that both appliances would be required at the same time.  We use rice quite frequently for meals and recently have been making a transition from white rice to brown rice.

The Aroma rice cooker has been a heavily used appliance in our Kitchen for quite a while.  It is so easy to make any quantity of white or brown rice in the cooker while you are doing the rest of the cooking.  All burners are freed up for other cooking and the results are consistent and wonderful without any monitoring of the process.  I would not dream of making rice the old way using a  saucepan and setting a timer and the flame level by eye.  If rice is a frequent feature of your personal cuisine the purchase of a good rice cooker is a no brainer and the aroma is one of the very best.

The Aroma rice cooker has settings for white and brown rice and also has settings for steaming and slow cooking.  Steaming can occur simultaneously with the rice cooking by using the steaming insert that holds the meat or vegetables above the cooking rice. Once the cooking cycle completes the unit automatically switches to the keep warm mode until you manually stop it.  It also has a delayed start function so that you can set it up in the morning and have fresh cooked rice when you get home. I have not personally used my rice cooker for anything other than cooking rice.  Aroma makes a wide variety of models but the one that I have and use is their 20 cup (cooked) cool touch model.  It has been heavily used and has consistently turned out perfectly cooked rice. It looks like it will have it’s place on my counter top until it expires at which time it will more than likely be replaced with another Aroma cooker.

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