Fagor Lux Multi Cooker

My Fagor© 8 Quart Multi-cooker.

I bought my wife a new Fagor© Multi-cooker for Christmas.  She is a fan of Chef Brad and he recommended this particular item. Well, I found out that she nearly bought it for me, and since I am the one that does most of the cooking at our house, the net result was that I bought myself this fancy new appliance for Christmas.  I had a vague idea of what you could do with it but it wasn’t really something that I thought I needed.

I have an Aroma© rice cooker that I use a lot. This new Fagor multi-cooker was supposed to do a good job of cooking rice and it was supposed to do so much more in addition so that my main hope was that it would do a good enough job on the rice that it could take the place of the rice cooker on the counter top.  Counter space is at a premium and this item would have to prove that it deserved that space more than my faithful rice cooker which is probably the most used counter top item that I have. In addition to the rice cooking settings the Fagor multi-cooker has a vegetable steaming setting, high and low pressure cooking settings, and browning, sauteing, and yogurt making settings to boot.

In early January it got it’s chance to prove it’s worth.  We were planning a birthday celebration for my Father’s 90th birthday with a western theme.  It was determined that we would need to make about 50 pounds of pulled pork for expected crowd and I was in charge of that part of the menu.  My sister had facilities for slow cooking about 15 lbs of the pork but my Fagor Multi-Cooker and  I were going to do the bulk of the cooking.

About 7 lbs of pork shoulder cushion meat would fit comfortably in the multi-cooker along with 2 packages of the Lipton Onion Soup mix.  2 hours on the high pressure setting was enough to cook the meat to the point where it would easily pull apart and most of the fat was rendered.  I did 2 batches on Friday night before the event and another 3 batches on Saturday the day of the event. The meat was pulled in large aluminum serving trays and Sweet Baby Ray’s Original barbecue sauce was added along with some of the juice from the cooking process.  The rest of the juice was made into gravy and we ate it with mashed potatoes later that week.

I was impressed with the performance of the pressure cooker and I later tested it with both brown and white rice and it easily replaces the rice cooker.  I have also pressure cooked some vegetables and my wife was ready for me to cook a whole 5 pound bag of carrots that I recently brought home from the store, she was that fond of the pressure cooked carrots.  Most recently I cooked a 4 pound corned beef brisket in an hour and a half and then cooked cabbage, potatoes, and carrots in the reserved water in about 20 minutes.

My multi-cooker has certainly earned it’s spot in my kitchen and will most definitely be the most frequently used appliance.  It comes with a ceramic non-stick pot but a stainless steel one is available.  It does require some simple disassembly for cleaning but that will also make it very easy to replace the silicone pressure gasket when  it inevitably becomes necessary. There is also a steaming rack available from Fagor but there are also a wide variety of alternatives that will also work.

This Christmas many friends and relatives and friends of friends and relatives were talking about their new Instant Pots that are very similar in function and appearance.  I have no personal experience to compare the two but two other bloggers I know have expressed a preference for the Instant Pot.  On the other hand, Good Housekeeping has given the nod to the Fagor in their head to head comparisons.  I have personally found nothing to fault in the Fagor Lux Multi-Cooker and I am anxious to make it an integral part of my daily cooking routines.

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