frog chef with cooking ingredients

A Handyman’s Approach to Cooking

Cooking isn’t much different from home or auto repairs and collecting kitchen gadgets and appliances can be just as fun as a garage full of all the best tools.

At my house I do most of the cooking. I also do the home repairs, auto repairs, and much of the gardening, and I have done some major room additions and remodels.  I take the same approach to each of these tasks.  I like to have the right tools for the job, I like the results to end up functionally and aesthetically pleasing, and I like the shortest path from point a to point b.  On this blog I share my functional no-nonsense approach to cooking and share with you my favorite tools and gadgets for getting the job done.

I provide links for all the products I discuss available on Amazon© and yes, I do get a small cut of the price of anything you buy when you use my links. It won’t make me rich but it covers the costs of the blog and allows me to continue sharing my thoughts and experiences. I hope you enjoy it.

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