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About Us

Right now, I am taking a Business Website Creation class (B250). When we were studying about affiliate businesses, I had an idea that Terry should do a blog with affiliate links about the Fagor Multi-cooker since I don’t think they are that well-known and since he got me one for Christmas and has been using it quite a bit. Because I am working full-time and going to school, Terry has been doing most all of the cooking. He is also very good at writing about almost anything, so blogging is right up his alley.  So we are working together on this project and he will continue writing about his culinary adventures.

We have been married for 40 years later this month. We have five children, with one left at home. She is a senior in high school. The rest are independent adults. We have two daughters married, each with three children, which brings the granddaughter count to five and the youngest, a grandson of 7 months. We love that we can go to visit them in Utah and sit and do my homework after they’ve gone to bed.