Tropical Fruit Blender Ice Cream

Tropical Fruit Blender Ice Cream

This is a quick treat that I make in my Vitamix© Blender. It is a very fresh and frozen fruit treat that is easily adapted to any taste.

4 cups Frozen Tropical Fruit Medley
3/4 cup sugar
1 1/2 cup half and half

Add the half and half to the blender and then add the sugar.  Start the blender on the variable speed at about 2 or 3. With the lid on and the feed hole uncovered begin to add the frozen fruit pieces.  Adjust the speed as necessary as you continue to add the fruit. You may need to use the pushing tool as the mix gets thicker and fuller.  As soon as it is all homogenized stop the blender. You can serve it immediately as a soft serve ice cream or you can transfer it to a plastic container with a lid and freeze it to your desired consistency.  Feel free to play with the quantities because some people prefer a creamier texture and taste and some like the real fruity nature of the recipe as is.  Also people vary on their taste for sweetness.  With just three ingredients it is easy to come up with a combination that suits any taste.

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